Too Much Driving as the Cause of Male Impotence


Spending much time behind the wheel may have a negative impact on the men’s health

Cars have become such a huge part of our daily lives that it is hard to image our life without them. Wherever we need to go, whether it is work, shopping, or anything else, cars are here to take us to our destination. In some cases, they are even more convenient for long distance traveling than trains and airplanes. After all, how would we be able to transport all of our furniture and belongings while moving out of state? Not to mention that most of us just enjoy being behind the wheel and feeling the power that cars provide us with. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing may sometimes have results that are not so good in the end. Cars are no exception.

Spending excessive amounts of time behind the wheel may have a very negative impact on the men’s health, and especially their sex life. In fact, too much driving can even lead to impotence. The word “impotence” is one that practically every man on Earth is afraid of. Impotence, or erectile dysfunction as it is also referred to, is a man’s inability to achieve and maintain a decent erection necessary for sexual intercourse. This condition is not dangerous or life threatening, but it can have a big influence on the man’s, and his woman’s, quality of life. Statistics show that over 60% of drivers are between the age of 25 and 54, which are the prime years of the man’s sexual life.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and psychological factors. Physically, erectile dysfunction can be the result of the narrowing of blood vessels in the penis, due to high blood pressure, diabetes, or high blood cholesterol. Spending several hours a day in a car seat can have the same effect. The constant sitting position decreases the circulation of blood to the pelvic organs, which narrows the penile vessels and leads to erectile dysfunction. The constant vibrations and shaking that are felt behind the wheel also has a negative effect on the man’s sexuality, since vibration can result in a spasm of blood vessels. Not to mention the fact that cars can be the source of many traumatic injuries. Such injuries often lead to impotence.

stress and driving

Psychological factors that can cause impotence: stress, anxiety and depression

There are many psychological factors that can cause impotence. These include stress, anxiety, and depression. It is no secret that driving is very stressful. The situation on the road can change instantaneously. Thus, motorists need to be constantly alert and ready to act at a millisecond’s notice. It is no easy task for the driver. In fact, it causes a great deal psychological stress. Stress can also come from traffic jams, and other road situations. This stress and anxiety can have a very unfavorable result on the man’s sex life, leading to erectile dysfunction.

poisonous gas fumes

Another danger of spending too much time driving is the poisonous gas fumes

Another danger of spending too much time driving is the poisonous gas fumes. When a man is constantly behind the wheel, he breathes in a lot of gas fumes, whether he wants to or not. This can happen while filling up the gas tank, fixing the car, or in a hundred other situations. These gas fumes are often unnoticeable, but they are able to get sucked into the blood. This has a very negative effect on the man’s sexual exploits. If the car seat is heated, there is an added risk of impotence. Unlike the female sex organs, the male sex organs are located outside of the pelvic area. There is a valid reason for this – high temperatures are not good for them. In order to function properly, testicles require a temperature that is a few degrees lower than the normal body temperature. Heated seats cause the testicles to overheat and potentially lead to erectile dysfunction or infertility. However, even if a man does not have a heated seat, the male organs are still in danger of getting overheated. When a man is constantly sitting down, and especially if his clothes or the seat fabric is synthetic, the testicles still tend to warm up. There is no way to avoid this.

 too much driving can lead to obesity

Too much driving can lead to obesity

Last, but certainly not least, too much driving can lead to obesity, which can also lead to male impotence. We live in a world that does not require us to walk more than several minutes a day. For many people, exercise is limited to the short walk from the car to the office, and back. In fact, it is even possible to buy and eat food without getting out of the car. Cars make it possible for us to avoid exercise and any form of movement. This is very bad as it can lead to obesity. Not only does obesity cause many general health problems but it also leads to erectile dysfunction. Obese men find themselves unable to achieve an erection or maintain it for the duration of the sexual act, which is something nobody wants.

The bad news is that we have grown dependent on cars. This has put many men in danger of having erectile dysfunction and not being able to have a normal sex life. However, there is also good news. Men don’t have to give up cars completely. They can just cut down on the time they spend behind the wheel and add a bit of exercise to their daily schedule, and their sex life will be right on track.

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