Symptoms of epididymo-orchitis

Symptoms of epididymo-orchitis usually have a rapid onset, within a day or two.  The following symptoms and signs may be present in epididymo-orchitis:


    Main symptoms: Scrotal pain, scrotal swelling, redness of the scrotum

  • Scrotal swelling
  • The epididymis and testicle may swell quite rapidly leading to visible scrotal swelling.  Usually the infection is only present on one side of the scrotum.

  • Scrotal pain
  • Scrotal pain may vary from being moderate to severe.

  • Redness of the scrotum
  • The scrotum may be red in colour and it is often also hot to touch.

  • Urinary tract infection
  • If epididymo-orchitis is a complication of a urinary tract infection, the symptoms of the urinary tract infection may be present.  These symptoms include dysuria (burning urine) and lower urinary tract symptoms.  Lower urinary tract symptoms will include frequency (needing to urinate more often than usual), hesitancy (having difficulty initiating urination) and having a weak urinary stream.  Men may also complain of pain in the pubic region and lower back pain if they have a urinary tract infection.

  • Urethral discharge
  • If the epididymo-orchitis is a complication of a urethral infection, a urethral discharge may be present.  A urethral discharge is an abnormal fluid secretion from the urethra which varies in consistency and may be foul smelling.


    Fever an malaise

  • Fever
  • Patients with epididymo-orchitis may have a fever.  Someone is regarded as having a fever when their core temperature is higher than 37 degrees celcius.

  • Malaise
  • As with any type of infection, a patient will feel generally unwell when epididymo-orchitis is present.  This feeling of being generally unwell is known as malaise.