Groin and Pelvic Injuries


One of the most dangerous injuries a is an injury to the groin area

Nothing we do is risk-free. The possibility of an injury is constantly present, especially if you are involved in a sport or in a physical activity. One of the more painful, unpleasant, and dangerous injuries a man can experience is an injury to the groin or to the pelvic area. The groin is the area where the leg meets the abdomen. The pelvic area is located just below the abdomen. It is the part of the human skeleton where the trunk meets the legs.

Groin and pelvic injuries comprise approximately 5 % of all sport injuries. Moreover, these injuries can cause a lot of pain, and even lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Therefore, it is very important to diagnose the injury and treat it as soon as possible in order to prevent further serious complications. Unfortunately, diagnosis is often quite complicated due to the region’s complex anatomy and to the frequent coexistence of several disorders. In fact, as many as 30 % of all groin traumas remain undiagnosed.

Types of groin injuries

Groin injuries are usually caused by the overuse of the proximal thigh muscles and lower abdominals. This can cause a muscle strain or tendonitis. Such muscle injuries and strains create a throbbing type of pain. Some serious strains cause the person to feel the swelling and stiffness in the muscles. The majority of these can be resolved with time, rest, and application of cold. Less frequently, groin pain stems from osteitis pubis, lumbar spine, sports hernia, true hip pathology, neutral entrapment, or from other conditions.

Pelvic injuries
The pelvis has a very important job: it protects organs of the lower abdomen including bladder, distal part of the large intestine, and the prostate (in men) or womb (in women). It also guards major blood vessels and nerves. Most pelvic injuries occur as a result of a blunt trauma, such as a bad fall, or a car, bicycle, or motorcycle crash. Some of these result in minor damage which, although painful, does not require surgery. Others, however, are very serious and need to be treated by an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible. After all, if the pelvis is in a bad shape, the bladder and the intestines are in danger. An injured pelvis can also lead to nerve or blood vessel damage. This can have many negative consequences, and impotence will be the least of your worries. If one of the crucial blood vessels is blocked, it can lead to necrosis of the tissues that it feeds resulting in gangrene.

Causes of groin and pelvic injuries

Groin and pelvic injuries are the most common in athletes. After all, their active lifestyle and close proximity with moving objects puts them at a great risk. Groin injuries are not limited to professional athletes. In fact, they affect athletes of all age groups and all levels of competition. Such traumas are especially common in sports that involve a forceful adduction of the hip. These include ice hockey, soccer, skating, and swimming. They are also extremely frequent in fencing, cross country skiing, handball, and high jumping.


In fact, 4 % of all male cyclists who are on the road for at least 3 hours per week experience moderate or severe erectile dysfunction

    • Cycling and horseback riding

There are two sports that stand out from the rest. These are biking and horseback riding. These sports can cause groin traumas severe enough to cause male impotence. Researchers have proven that these sports are two of the major causes of erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. In fact, 4 % of all male cyclists who are on the road for at least 3 hours per week experience moderate or severe erectile dysfunction. In comparison, only one percent of runners of the same age experience the problem. When a man is on a bike or on a horse saddle, a big part of the weight rests on the nerves and the arteries that transport the blood to the penis. After a while, the vessels and arteries can get damaged. This leads to the decreased blood flow to the penis, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Also, while cycling, a man can experience frequent blows to the perineum against the frame of the bike or the hard bike saddle. The perineum is the triangular area between the base of the scrotum and the anus. Such blows are mild, but they are constant. This constant trauma can add up and lead to erectile dysfunction. In fact, many cyclists report changes in sensation and penile numbness after cycling. Pathophysiologic studies have shown that compression-related changes occur in perineal structures during cycling. When the cyclist is sitting down, there is a decrease in the blood flow to the penis. When he stands, the blood flow rapidly increases. This change is not healthy and can lead to severe consequences. Horseback riding has a similar effect.

    • Injuries during sex

Sex is a physical activity, and just like any other physical activity it can result in a groin injury. The most common groin injury during sex is a muscle strains. The constant action, combined with different acrobatic positions can lead to muscle sprain and cramps.


Although the penis doesn’t have a single bone, it does have special tubes and the lining of the tubes can rapture

      • Fractured penis

A broken or fractured penis is also a possibility. Although the penis doesn’t have a single bone, it does have special tubes that get filled up with blood during an erection. When the penis is subjected to a heavy trauma or bending, the lining of the tubes can rapture. However, this can only happen when the penis is hard.

This type of injury usually happens when the couple is having sex in an unusual surrounding, such as in the garden, on the kitchen table, etc., or when the couple is trying out new sex positions. So try to avoid rickety tables and unsteady footing when you decide to do a quicky.

When you think that your penis has been fractured, seek medical attention. This might not be a life-threatening condition; however, it can permanently disfigure our penis if you do not get it treated.

Dangerous positions in sex

Dangerous positions in sex

      • Dangerous positions and actions

Be careful when you’re in a position called 69, when the woman is having an intense orgasm, she might involuntarily bite down, which will not be at all pleasant for the man.

Another common thing that doctors often encounter is when the man places some sort of ring on his penis and then is unable to remove it. You wouldn’t believe how often this happens! This is a very serious condition, so if this has happened to you, drive to the nearest hospital immediately. If untreated, or treated too late, this can result in necrosis of the head of the penis. Usually you have 2-3 hours to act before cells start to die from the lack of oxygen.

Urethra play should also be off limits since something can get stuck in there; not to mention that you can introduce infection to your urethra or bladder.


Dogs can be dangerous since they might think that you’re attacking their owner

    • Pet attack

Be careful when you have pets in the house! Cats might think that you’re playing with them and try to catch something with their paws that they are not supposed to catch… On the other hand, dogs can be even more dangerous since they might think that you’re attacking their owner, and will try to defend her.

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