Treatment of Gonorrhea

The main treatment of gonorrhea is with antibiotics. If the patient has a lot of pain he may be given pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs for symptomatic relief.


Cefriaxone (Rocephin) and Doxycycline usually are used to treat gonorrhea

A combination of antibiotic treatment is used. The treatment is usually very effective. Symptoms should start to improve within a few days. If symptoms persist it is important for the patient to return to his doctor for further tests and treatment. Some strains of gonorrhea are resistant to the usual antibiotics used. It is then called antibiotic resistant gonorrhea. It is important that all the patient’s partners are treated for gonorrhea. Sexual activity should be avoided while the patient is taking treatment. It is best to wait 7 days after treatment has finished before engaging in any sexual activity. Even if the patient’s partner has no symptoms of gonorrhea, he/she should also be treated.

The names of the antibiotics usually used to treat gonorrhea is called Cefriaxone (Rocephin) and Doxycycline. Research is constantly being done to find alternative antibiotics to treat strains of resistance gonorrhea.

Prevention of gonorrhea

All people should try to prevent contracting gonorrhea. Ways of preventing gonorrhea, as well as other sexually transmitted infections, are briefly discussed:

  • Abstinence
  • Abstinence means not having sexual intercourse. This is the only way to totally avoid contracting gonorrhea. It is important to abstain from sex especially when being treated or when having symptoms of gonorrhea.

  • Long term relationship with only one partner
  • Being in a long term committed relationship protects the couple from contracting gonorrhea. Both persons in the relationship should remain loyal. Before entering such a relationship, both parties should be tested for gonorrhea and any other sexually transmitted diseases.


    Use condoms to prevent gonorrhea

  • Using condoms
  • Condoms are not fail-proof but they are a good barrier in preventing a lot of potential sexually transmitted infections. It is a good idea to use condoms especially when one is not in a long term committed relationship.

  • Not sharing sex toys
  • Sex toys should not be shared. Gonorrhea may be contracted if seminal, anal or vaginal fluid is present on the sex toy and is then shared between different individuals.

  • Avoid drug use and excessive alcohol use
  • Drug use and alcohol abuse leads to increased risky sexual behavior which will increase the person’s chances of contracting gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted infection. It is best to seek medical attention at the first sign of gonorrhea to avoid future complications. It is emphasized that sexual partners should also be treated and safe sexual practices should be implemented and adhered to. Gonorrhea is usually easy to treat but if it is not treated it may lead to permanent complications.