Causes of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is caused by Neisseria gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is very contagious and is easily contracted when one comes into contact with seminal or vaginal fluids of an infected individual. The following are ways in which gonorrhea may be contracted:


    Gonorrhea is contracted by having sexual intercourse with an infected individual

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Gonorrhea may be contracted by having sexual intercourse with an infected individual. This is by far the most common way in which gonorrhea is spread. Even if that person does not have any symptoms or signs of gonorrhea, they may still be a carrier of the bacterium.

    Gonorrhea may be contracted by having anal, vaginal or oral sex. Gonorrhea may be transmitted even if ejaculation did not occur. Gonorrhea mainly occurs in the genitals and anal regions but rarely can occur in the throat from unprotected oral sex. Gonorrhea is also able to spread to other body areas especially in patients who have a compromised immune system.

    People who don’t use condoms or have multiple sexual partners are obviously more at risk of contracting gonorrhea. Drug abuse and alcohol use also tend to increase risky sexual behavior so may therefore be listed as a risk factor for contracting gonorrhea.

  • Shared sex toys
  • Gonorrhea may also be contracted from using a sex toy used by a person who has gonorrhea.

  • Congenitally
  • A mother may transmit the bacterium to her unborn baby during pregnancy or during the birth process. A baby which acquires gonorrhea in this way is said to have congenital gonorrhea. In some cases congenital gonorrhea may even lead to blindness in the newly born baby.