Management and Treatment of Delayed Ejaculation

The management and treatment of delayed ejaculation is not always easy. About 60% of men show an improvement after intense treatment. There is no medication which can instantly cure delayed ejaculation. The management requires a motivated patient and usually a motivated partner.


    Counselling can be of benefit to find a possible conscious or supressed psychological reason for delayed ejaculation

  • Counselling
  • Most causes of delayed ejaculation are psychological in nature therefore counselling can be of benefit to find a possible conscious or supressed psychological reason for delayed ejaculation. Counselling is also needed to work through relationship conflict and any other psychological issues that might be present. There are so many different psychological reasons for delayed ejaculation that it is always best to combine psychological counselling with sex therapy.

    Sex therapy

    Sex therapy needs the co-operation of both partners

  • Sex Therapy
  • Sex therapy needs the co-operation of both partners. The sex therapist can explain the sexual response and suggest practical ways of improving the sexual experience of both partners. These practical suggestions can be done as home-work assignments. These assignments usually focus on sexual enjoyment which takes the pressure of ejaculating. Gradually the assignments should move towards the goal to improve symptoms of delayed ejaculation.

    The goal is to retrain the body, penis and the mind. It is also important for the man to realize that he can please his partner without ejaculating. Likewise it is important for his partner to realize that she must not always expect him to ejaculate and that she should not take it as an offence if he is unable to ejaculate. It would definitely boost the man’s confidence if his partner is more accepting and that he knows he can please her without necessarily ejaculating. This is a different story when the couple wants to become pregnant. When this is the case a lack of ejaculation is much more frustrating.

  • Change of chronic medication
  • If a certain medication is thought to be the cause of delayed ejaculation, the patient may benefit from a medication switch. It is important for the patient to reveal all his medication to his medical practitioner.


    Hypnotherapists claim high success rates with hypnotherapy techniques for delayed ejaculation

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapists claim high success rates with hypnotherapy techniques for delayed ejaculation. It could be worth a try for a patient suffering from delayed ejaculation. This technique focuses on the unconscious mind where suppressed feelings may have manifested as delayed ejaculation.

    electroejaculation device

    Electroejaculation device

  • Electro-ejaculation
  • Although electro-ejaculation is not a treatment in itself, it can be used to obtain semen in men with spinal cord injuries or nervous system disorders, which can be used for assisted reproductive techniques. The prostate and nerves are stimulated via an electrode which is inserted into the anus.

If ejaculation is not achieved after the patient has received intense management and treatment there are still other options available if the patient wishes to have children. Among these options are artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization.

Although delayed ejaculation is not one of the most common male sexual dysfunctions and it is not yet fully understood by medical practitioners, there are many men who suffer from delayed ejaculation. Many of these men can be helped with the correct management and treatment. It is therefore encouraged that men who have delayed ejaculation causing them distress should seek professional help.