Causes of Delayed ejaculation

The causes of delayed ejaculation can be divided into physical/medical causes and psychological causes. A psychological cause of delayed ejaculation is more common than a physical cause. It is important though that medical causes are always excluded first.

Physical Causes of Delayed ejaculation

  • Nervous system disorders
  • Nervous system disorders can also be a cause of delayed ejaculation. Disorders affecting the nervous system may cause delayed ejaculation. Examples of disorders which can result in delayed ejaculation are: Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis and autoimmune neuropathy. Autoimmune neuropathy is usually as a result of childhood-onset diabetes mellitus which damages the patient’s peripheral nerves.


    Any injuries to the spinal cord can also result in delayed ejaculation

  • Nerve Injury
  • Nerve damage to the penis or spine can be a cause of delayed ejaculation. Injury to nerves can occur during various surgical procedures like colorectal surgery, aorto-iliac surgery and retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy. Any injuries to the spinal cord can also result in delayed ejaculation or impotency. Circumcision causes minor injuries to the nerve cells located around the glans and removes the sensitive tissue of the foreskin. Studies have shown uncircumcised men are more sensitive to tactile sensations of the penis than circumcised men are. If circumcision is done correctly it shouldn’t result in delayed ejaculation.

  • Certain Medications
  • Certain medications are known to cause delayed ejaculation. Commonly known medications are the antidepressants especially the SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Medications used for psychosis may also be associated with ejaculatory delay. Beta-blockers used to treat hypertension may also result in delayed ejaculation.

  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Excessive and chronic alcohol use can result in delayed ejaculation by damaging the nervous system and causing hormonal imbalances through various hormonal pathways.

  • Advanced Age
  • Advanced Age is not considered a cause of delayed ejaculation, although many men report greater difficulty ejaculating with age. This may be due to various nervous system conditions affecting the elderly.

Psychological Causes of Delayed ejaculation

There are many psychological causes of delayed ejaculation. Many men with a psychological cause of delayed ejaculation have had very strict discipline during childhood. These men also seem to be very in control of their lives and have an obsessive-compulsive or controlling personality. They are the type of men who often find it difficult to show emotions. Possible examples of psychological causes are:


    Overly strict religious upbringing

  • Overly strict religious upbringing
  • In some religions sex is considered to be dirty and morally wrong. Growing up with this type of view of sex can cause sexual dysfunction like delayed ejaculation. Growing up with overly-strict parents with abnormally high expectations can also be a cause of delayed ejaculation.

  • Fear of causing pregnancy
  • A deep fear of making his partner pregnant for whatever reason can result in delayed ejaculation.

  • Homosexuality
  • If the man is perhaps more attracted to men than women, but for some reason cannot openly show this attraction, he can experience delayed ejaculation when having sexual intercourse with women.

  • Masturbation habits
  • If the man has strange masturbation habits he might have conditioned himself to only be able to climax during specific situations. A basic example is that of a teenage boy conditioning himself to only ejaculate with very strong and vigorous masturbation. When he has vaginal intercourse, it feels so different to what he is used to that he is unable to reach a climax through vaginal intercourse. There are many unusual habits that men might develop during masturbation.


    Psychological traumatic event

  • Psychological traumatic event
  • A psychological traumatic event associated with sex, like being scolded for masturbating or catching his partner with another man can result in delayed ejaculation. A traumatic event severe enough to cause delayed ejaculation differs for every individual and it will depend on what each individual’s biological threshold is. What one man may consider severely traumatic may not cause distress in another.

  • Relationship conflict
  • Emotions such as anger, guilt and resentment can be a psychological cause of delayed ejaculation. If the man is not attracted to his partner physically or emotionally it can result in delayed ejaculation.