Symptoms and signs of Balanoposthitis

The symptoms of balanoposthitis may cause the patient much discomfort and are often accompanied with some pain. Balanoposthitis may present with different degrees of severity. Some men develop a mild rash while others develop a very painful rash with a discharge. The symptoms of balanoposthitis are usually worse in men with a lowered immune system.

The common symptoms of balanoposthitis are briefly discussed:


    Rash and irritation

  • Rash
  • A red, raised, inflamed rash on the glans of the penis and foreskin is usually present in balanoposthitis. Depending on the cause, this rash may also be white and dry.

  • Irritation
  • There is usually irritation of the skin under the foreskin as well as irritation of the glans. This irritation may cause itchy or burning sensations.

  • Subpreputial discharge
  • A white or yellowish discharge may be present on the affected skin and under the foreskin. This discharge may have a foul smell.

  • Phimosis
  • Phimosis may cause balanoposthitis but balanoposthitis may also lead to phimosis. When the foreskin is infected and inflamed, skin contractions may occur which may eventually lead to phimosis. This process may lead to a vicious circle of recurrent balanoposthitis and worsening of phimosis.

  • Superficial ulcerations
  • Superficial ulcerations may appear on the skin of the glans penis. This is more common if the cause of balanoposthitis is of a viral origin like herpes infection.

  • Inguinal adenopathy
  • balanoposthitis may cause swelling of the lymph nodes in the area of the groin. This is known as adenopathy. The nodes feel like rubbery balls about 2cm in diameter. They might also be slightly tender.

    lower-back pain

    Many patients with balanoposthitis report lower back pain

  • Lower back pain
  • Many patients with balanoposthitis report lower back pain. This may be because of the balanoposthitis itself but possibly also from a bladder infection.

  • Fatigue
  • Men with balanoposthitis may complain of tiredness and physical fatigue.

  • Painful penis and foreskin
  • The glans, foreskin and area under the foreskin may be quite painful and sensitive in balanoposthitis. This pain may increase during friction caused by intercourse or masturbation.