What Are Aphrodisiacs and Are They Real?

The definition of the word “aphrodisiac” is “substance that elevates sexual desire“. In this article we will try to find out if such a substance really exists and whether it elevates sexual desire or something else entirely…


Poor rhinoceroses are already being killed left and right for their long and hard horns, and if this myth were true, they would go completely extinct

Throughout history many things were considered to boost sexual desire and increase the pleasure people derive from sex. If something feels good, why not make it even better, right? Usually, the things people used were completely bogus. For example, one of the most well-known treatments that is thought to boost the man’s sexual prowess is the horn of the rhinoceros. It could be attributed to the fact that the horn of the rhinoceros is long and hard… and people probably thought that it would produce the same effect on their nether regions. Regretfully, well actually, thankfully, that is not the case. Poor rhinoceroses are already being killed left and right for their long and hard horns, and if this myth were true, they would go completely extinct.

Now, let us discuss what substances actually do cause arousal, or at least make sex more pleasurable (or much more pleasurable in some cases).

Alkyl nitrites


Alkyl nitrites (more commonly called Poppers), effect of poppers lasts only a minute

Alkyl nitrites (more commonly called Poppers) are a group of compounds which appeared in 50s as a method of treating angina pectoris. At the time, it was sold in the form of little spheres made from gel which you had to pop and inhale the vapors created by the liquid that spilled from them. This is where the name “Poppers” came from.

These compounds do not enhance arousal in any way. What they do is relax all the smooth muscles in your body for a brief period of time (which removes the symptoms of angina). What this does, is it delays the oncoming orgasm, and when the person is actually able to reach it, it is a lot more pleasurable and powerful. The downside is that you have to inhale this substance right before you reach the orgasm, which can be quite challenging, as the effect of poppers lasts only a minute or so, so you have to finish during this time. Another challenge is that can only be inhaled and if some spills on your skin, it has to be washed off immediately, since it can burn you. And yet another challenge is that you might lose your hard on as a result of inhaling it, leaving you completely frustrated.

This medicine is contraindicated to people with glaucoma (increased pressure within the eye) and people susceptible to headaches, since poppers can leave you with a nasty headache even if you never had one. Also, it is a bad idea to use them near a fire, as they are highly flammable.


Synthetic phenylethylamines

Synthetic phenylethylamines

Phenylethylamines (PEA) are a group of compounds known for their stimulant and psychoactive effects and present in many foods, including chocolate, moldy cheese, smoked meat, olives, beans, beer, coffee, yeast, liver, bananas, overripe fruits, and wine. Regretfully, it is quickly degraded by monoamine oxidase B (MAOB), so no amount of chocolate or wine will be able to produce any effect on your body aside from making you fat and drunk.

Some people think that it would be a wise idea to ingest it while also taking inhibitors of MAOB (drugs used to treat depression). IT IS NOT!!! It can cause a life-threatening situation characterized by a very low blood pressure, which can often result in death.


Why do you think men (well, most of them) are so horny all the time? Testosterone!
This is probably the reason why men are completely nuts over sex after three days after the last orgasm they had, since levels of testosterone are at their peak during this time. For same reason, if the man didn’t have sex or haven’t masturbated in quite a while, his levels of testosterone gradually drop, making him less and less interested in sex.

As for women, it works very similarly, which is why postmenopausal women are less interested in sex – not only do estrogen levels, but also levels of testosterone drop in women in their menopause.

Of course it is not a wise idea to dope yourself with testosterone just to be more aroused. However, if you’re never aroused, you might want to go to the doctor to check if everything is well, and maybe he will recommend a testosterone replacement therapy.



Yohimbine is a drug which is derived from the bark of a tree called Yohimbe

Yohimbine is a drug which is derived from the bark of a tree called Yohimbe. It is an alpha-adrenergic antagonist and acts by increasing the blood flow in genitals, boosting sexual excitation and sensitivity in some people. This drug should be taken continuously to produce its effects and its side effects include: rapid pulse, anxiety, and sweating in some people. It is also used as one of the main ingredients in sport supplements which are aimed at weight loss.



Alcohol is hardly an aphrodisiac

Alcohol is hardly an aphrodisiac, though it can cause the person to lose inhibition and act in more a more sexual way. However, that person has to be already in the mood for sex to act that way, so no amount of alcohol will make a person want sex if he or she doesn’t want it.

Besides, alcohol can cause numbness, which can actually decrease the pleasure you derive from sex. Also, it can prevent the man from even getting an erection, so that “reduction of inhibition” will be all for naught.



Cannabis does not cause any arousal, and what’s more, it doesn’t make people lose their inhibitions

Just like alcohol cannabis does not cause any arousal, and what’s more, it doesn’t make people lose their inhibitions. So if you want to make your lady-friend stoned in hopes that she will put out… Forget it! If she didn’t want it before, she will become even more paranoid if you get her high.

However, if you’re smoking (or eating magic brownies) with your significant other and you are both in the mood for it, cannabis can be a great boost to your sexual experience. What it does is slow down your perception of time. Remember, how we always think that pleasurable moments pass by too quickly? Well cannabis can prevent it from happening. While high, you can feel your partner with every fiber of your being and orgasm turns from 5-10 seconds of pleasure, into a slow, overwhelming flood of bliss which washes over you wave after wave. Combining cannabis with poppers can slow down your perception of time even more, though it will be extremely hard to use poppers at exactly the right moment. This combination will completely overwhelm you, leaving a very lasting memory in your mind.

In conclusion

As it turns out, despite all the advancements we’ve made in the drug industry, there are still no substances which can boost the sexual arousal of a person, if he or she wasn’t aroused in the first place. However, is it really that important? What can be more arousing that the love of your life? And if you’re not getting aroused by your significant other, maybe it is the first sign of some disease, which should be treated instead of wasting your money on so-called aphrodisiacs?